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If you think rents are bad now, Just Wait..!

If you think rents are too high now, just wait..!                SUMMARY : There has been a scary trend in the ultra wealthy to purchasing as many homes and apartments as they can. The REIT’s on Wall Street, (Real Estate Investment Trusts),  have been reaping in their Biggest Gains in Nearly […]... Read more

How to Buy a Home with Less-Than-Perfect Credit

// How to Buy a Home with Less-Than-Perfect Credit Let’s face it, paying Rent is still Paying a Mortgage, just not your mortgage, but your Landlords mortgage. It is crazy to me that more people are not aware of the thousands of local, private and governmental programs there are out there that are specifically designed […]... Read more

Finding the Right Brokers

Securing a Home Loan with Expert Advice If you can afford rent, you can own a home First off I am a Real Estate Broker I’ll help you FIND a home, and I work with a team of Mortgage Brokers, Local Banks, and Local Credit Unions who have gathered up all the programs available to […]... Read more

You Qualify for Down Payment Assistance, What Millennials should know.

    RENTERS REVOLT..! Here’s some good news for would-be homeowners who are coming up short on cash: 87% of all U.S. homes qualify for mortgage down payment help, and in Bellingham Washington / Whatcom county that number is over 95%. RealtyTrac found that 68 million Americans in 78 million single-family homes are eligible for […]... Read more

Tax Season and the Deductions of a Homeowner

Home sweet homeowner tax breaks Why are people still Renting?? With the housing market improving in some regions of the country, many people are becoming new homeowners. If you’re among the new property owners, congratulations. You’ve just taken another step up the American-dream ladder and are a homeowner. Along with the joy of painting, plumbing […]... Read more

Winter just might be the best time to Buy, or Sell a home.

Bellingham Local Real Estate The housing market doesn’t hibernate in the winter. Sellers who list and buyers who buy often find the winter season the most advantageous time to make a move in real estate, according to a new study by the real estate brokerage Redfin. The winter season officially takes place between Dec. 21 […]... Read more