2009 Welding Rodeo Sculpture Competition

This  Friday and Saturday, May 15 and 16, Bellingham Technical College’s Welding Technology Program will be hosting the 8th Annual Welding Rodeo Sculpture Competition

Friday will be the Amateur Competition and Saturday the Pro’s will  take over. This sculpture competition will have 10 teams, (each consisting of 4 people)  selecting scrap metal, designing, and fabricating a finished sculpture in just 8 hours.

There will be individual and team prizes for contest winners, as well as an opportunity to exhibit on BTC’s campus.

All sculptures will be available at a public auction, with the proceeds benefiting the BTC Welding Student Scholarship Fund, the Welding Rodeo, and participating artists.

The year’s theme is “Space”

The rodeo started out to bring attention to the schools welding program and recruit interested students as well as raise funds for scholarships for those in the welding program. It was a one day event with five teams that has changed into a popular event that has given Bellingham Technical College and its welding program some popularity.

The popularity of the welding program has grown tremendously since the beginning of the rodeo eight years ago. There are presently about 150 students in the program

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