Bellingham Bay Views along Chuckanut Drive


Winding along Bellingham Bay and traveling between Fairhaven and Burlington is Chuckanut Drive.  A two-lane road lined with thick, lustrous forest of old growth cedar, maple, and the beautiful Madrone,to mention a few, plus hiking trails, a State Park and,of course, stunning Bellingham Bay views and views of the San Juan Islands.

This is truly a scenic route, that given the choice of taking I-5 or Chuckanut, hands down Chuckanut Drive. It will take you a tad longer, but believe me it’s well worth it and you’ll arrive at your destination more relaxed for it.  I actually made this drive about 3 times this week, two in the rain and one on a bright, sun filled day.  Every day was different and had its own unique beauty and I did not tire of the drive, rather I found myself marveling at how each day the scenery changed and I felt I was looking at a different landscape each time. That is what is so remarkable about this drive, whether you’re passing through the darkened, tunnel-like bends of the road or open bay view vistas,  Chuckanut Drive is an endless art masterpiece.

Many do call Chuckanut Drive home, as the area just south of Fairhaven is dotted with residential properties along the Drive itself, high up on Chuckanut Crest or waterfront properties down below on Cove Rd. or Pleasant Bay.  The current average sale price for Chuckanut homes is $990,000 and fourteen currently listed properties holding steady at an average of  $1.2mil..  When you make this drive you will see why the real estate here is high-end and there is not much fluctuation in these prices.

As I stated earlier, Chuckanut is an artistic masterpiece of its own and thus there are art galleries and shops along the Drive showcasing local artists attempts to recreate this beauty; oil paintings, watercolors, photography, and sculpture. It’s difficult to not want to take a piece of Chuckanut home with you!   Oh, and at the south end of the road you have to stop and enjoy a sunset dinner at the The Oyster Bar. Fine dining at its best or have a glass wine while taking in the view.

And at this time of year, it is even more spectacular with the autumn colors in full bloom, leaves adrift, a slight chill in the air, this calls for a romantic drive with top down and wind blowing through your hair……

For more information about Chuckanut Drive real estate or Bellingham Homes for Sale, feel free to contact me direct at 360-303-3898.

I look forward to speaking with you.

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