Bellingham’s Elizabeth Park in Columbia Neighborhood

Elizabeth Park PavillionHello and welcome to a quick introduction to Elizabeth Park in the Eldridge – Columbia Neighborhood.  It’s the oldest municiple park in Bellingham and the trees are as old as the Victorian homes around the Park.

In the center of the Park is a large fountain and benches to enjoy the serene environment and dream about what it must have been like in similiar benches 100 years ago.  During the summer time the park has a music series playing.

[viddler id=358cffe3&w=545&h=451] Join me for a stroll through Elizabeth Park.

All the big trees on the photo (pictured below), on the left are those of Elizabeth Park.  The trees range from walnut, chestnut and big-leaf maple trees.  You’ll also see a variety of wildlife from squirrels to deer enjoying the serenity and protection of the Park.  Notice the turn of the century homes lining the Looking toward the center of the park.streets around The Park.  

View towards Elizabeth Park

Torch Lamp. 

 These large torch lamp must be 25 feet high.

Inventory of the 47 Trees in the Park.

Check out this great climbing tree below.  It’s branches are worn smooth from the clamboring of children trying to reach the top.

Great climbing tree.

Historical Home






If you are looking for a neighborhood with character and charm, you would be hard pressed to find anything like the Eldridge – Columbia neighborhoods.  Give me a call and allow me to show you the various neighborhoods in Bellingham.

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