Bellingham’s Top 3 Coffee Spots

Shades Author: Ronald Davis

If you haven’t been, but are looking for the best Coffee Spots in Bellingham, these TOP 3 Choices are a Must..!


     We all know that one of the most important things to look at when searching for a prospective home is Location..AKA, neighborhood..! We have three neighborhood Coffee Shops in our lists..One thing that makes Bellingham unique and special is the Coffee Shops.. We love our coffee, and as a long time admirer of the Salacious Bean, here are the Best Bellingham Has to Offer

Let the Countdown Begin… # 3

  •  onyxcoffeebar_logo
      Here in the SeaHome Neighborhood, and my Ranking of  #3 of the top Three Coffee Shops in Bellingham is Onyx Coffee Bar.  
Onyx is serious about coffee. They serve delicious coffee by the carafe and offering whole bean by the gram from the finest roasters in the world. If you are ever walking around Farmers Market on Saturday,  and want a great Brew form some of the worlds Finest Roasters and Growers, then  take a walk to the End Railroad.. 1015 Railroad Ave, Bellingham, WA.. The experience is terrific to say the least. Seth,  the local Barista can walk you through the where and hows of the coffee bean. He is a Plethora of Coffee Knowledge, and if you listen you will leave with more knowledge about the Coffee bean than you ever thought possible. Onyx is truly a must experience..! They are  ONLY open Saturdays 10am-6pm, with a short Lunch break from 2-3pm


Coming in at #2…

  • adagio

  In the Central Business District Neighborhood we have this locally owned business, that focuses on building community, bringing people together to share in the passion of the craft.  Each espresso is carefully prepared and beautifully presented, inspiring the palate with flavors of European perfection. Their classy,  yet unpretentious atmosphere, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and detail-oriented service make Caffe Adagio a great coffeehouse experience. They also use some of the finest Roasted beans out of Seattle, Caffe D’Arte — One of the Authors Most desired Espresso Beans.


And our #1 choice


  • RusticBanner2 (1)

     And the Winner is:

    Here in the Fairhaven neighborhood we have The Rustic, what a great Coffee. Whether you want a simple drip coffee or a Latte’ the flavors are terrific and the atmosphere is quiet and quaint. The Rustic also uses one of my favorite Italian Roasters out of Seattle, Caffe D’Arte. Most of those who visit Fairhaven know of the Rustic and consider it one of the finest coffees. Swing by and say hi, you won’t regret it.

If you would like any further info on the Neighborhoods let me know I would be happy to share my knowledge.

Ronald Davis


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