Bellingham,WA Real Estate: Achieving Mutual Acceptance and the Art of Negotiation

Me with a happy home seller!!

I received a call this morning from a client who wants to put an offer in on a property that she has been eyeing for some time and absolutely loves.   The situation is she has to sell her house in order to make this purchase.  Rather than waiting any longer for her house to sell she has decided to make her move.  The offer she wants to make is:  1)contingent on the sale of her home, 2) not a full price offer and she wants the seller to pay a portion of her closing costs.  After all she said, “it’s still a buyer’s market”.

Whether a buyer’s market or not, my advice to any buyer attempting to make an offer on a home esp. one that they love is to do everything you can to get your offer accepted.  It is important to be reasonable and fair but esp. not insulting.  An offer such as the one described above is not very fair in my humble opinion and is full of red flags, not just one but three; it’s not full price, it is dependent on the sale of another home and then asking the seller to pay a portion of closing costs.  This sends the wrong message to a seller that you may just be trying to lowball instead of negotiate.   When making offers, it’s common for some buyers to not offer full price or to ask for closing costs, but if you’re going to ask for something you should be willing to give up something also.  This is give-and-take,  a compromise between both parties which is the basis of  negotiation.  For example, if your offer is going to be contingent on the sale of your home, then it is advised to come in with a full price offer.  The same with closing costs, if you are going to ask the seller to pay a portion of your closing costs, then again I advise making a full price offer.   Give and Take.  Something for Something.

Selling a home and purchasing a home is about negotiating, but I believe even more important it is about creating good relations between the buyer and seller which is achieved by being cooperative and compromise; giving something in order to gain something. What we in the real estate industry call a win/win situation.  Remember, you want your offer accepted not rejected.

For more information about Bellingham WA Homes for Sale and the buying and selling process you can contact Roberta direct here or call her at 360-389-3552.   Happy Sales to you!!

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