Cornwall Park Neighborhood


The Cornwall Park Neighborhood gets its name from the large, forested city park located within it. A large portion of this neighborhood’s area is occupied by Cornwall Park and the medical facilities located to the east if it. Bellingham’s Fountain District, with its many older, well-established businesses, is located in the southern portion of the neighborhood along Meridian Street. The neighborhood has a light industrial area to the north of Cornwall Park, while the area to the south of the park is primarily residential.

Most homes located in the Cornwall Park Neighborhood are single family residences on quiet streets. Homes close to Cornwall Park have a wooded back-drop giving the area a peaceful quality. Houses located on the curved streets surrounding Broadway Park tend to be well-maintained larger homes with large lawns. The few duplexes and apartments in the neighborhood are found in the southern area of the neighborhood, close to the commercial area along Meridian Street. Many of the homes in the eastern portion of the neighborhood are large with functional back yards. The eastern section of the neighborhood, however, has seen a large increase in traffic volume due to its proximity to the hospital and medical facilities nearby.

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