Fairhaven’s Historic Terminal Building celebrates 125 years

The Terminal Building at Harris Avenue and 11th Street was built in 1888, making it the oldest commercial structure in Fairhaven’s Historic  district. That also  makes it 125 years old this year.

The buildin is houses Harris Avenue Café and  Tony’s Coffee on the ground floor, as well as nine offices on the second floor.

The building definitely displays it’s old world charm with multicolored trim and decorative cornice’s. The Terminal Building has been restored very closely to its 1889 appearance. The first floor of the building’s Harris Avenue side is gray  painted wood with red trim, the second floor facade is brick. The two-story wood frame building was built in 1888, in 1889 the south and west sides of the building were covered with bricks shipped from the Orient.

Some claim the building was named after the town’s desire to become the end stop of the Great Northern Railroad and other’s says it was named by the owner in 1930 as a reference to where two electric street passenger railways intersected.


The upper floor was once used for living quarters, while the corner shop at 1101 Harris was once the Sideboard Saloon, a restaurant and barbershop, and the other ground-floor space, 1103 Harris, was a combination cigar store and billiard parlor.

The building has also housed a grocery store, drugstore, café, and a shop with a soda fountain.

Top floor  tenants have been lawyers, engineers, songwriters, bookkeepers and landscape designers, and most recently, counselors and therapists and Seth Fleetwood, an attorney and Bellingham City Council member.

The Terminal building is part of the history of Fairhaven


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