Home Ownership 101: Step 1- Searching for Your Dream Home

Home Ownership 101: Tips from my first time to help you with yours!

As a new agent and first time home buyer, I am learning so much about the real estate process. I had no idea there was so much involved in purchasing a home or property. I had already gotten my real estate license when my husband and I began looking for our first home, and even with the amount of knowledge needed to get my license, I had a lot to learn. I have decided to document our journey and blog along the way to offer some behind the scenes looks at what exactly is involved in buying your first home.

Step 1: Searching for Your Dream Home

Whether you are just browsing the market to see what’s out there or if you are actively searching for your new home, looking for houses is easier today than ever before. With resources like the internet, you can shop for homes from the comfort of your couch. That’s how we started our search for our first house.  We would get online and Google the night away looking for homes in Bellingham. With no specific criteria in mind, we were quickly overwhelmed by the amount of properties available. After signing on with eXp Realty, I was able to access all sorts of resources that made our home search significantly easier, more in-depth and relatively stress free. With the Northwest Multiple Listing Service, agents are able to search with broad or specific search criteria, see property history, photos, and do market analyses to get ideas on property values. I have had an amazing mentor to help me learn how to access this information and how to present it to client- the average first time home buyer won’t have access to these kinds of resources. Having an agent to help with your search is an invaluable resource, and I highly recommend working with one if you are seriously looking for property.

There are a lot of things we needed to consider when searching for our first home. Did we want acreage? How many bedrooms? What was our price range? After sitting down to go over our goals and resources we had available, we had decided to look at houses in poor condition with acreage and plan to rehabilitate the existing home. With those criteria in mind, it was time to go out and view some properties! This was another huge learning experience for me. The photos that are posted with the listings are a great way to get an idea of what the home looks like, but you really need to see it in person to get the whole story. Those photos are taken to show the home in its best perspective, so as a potential buyer, you need to go look at the bad things too. We looked at quite a few homes that were much different in person than they appeared in the photos.  This is another reason that working with an agent is so important- get together a list of homes that you might like and go out and VIEW, VIEW, VIEW!! Keep your options open and plan some time to go look at any that you may potentially like, because just like buying a car, you never know how you’ll like it until you get in it.

Watch for next week’s blog: Step 2:  Making an Offer. If you have any questions about real estate, the buying or selling process, or would like to see how eXp is changing the real estate world, please contact me

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