How to Get the Home You Really Want

front-500Did you ever wonder what happened to the house that got away?

Was it a cool older craftsman that had everything you wanted and then some, but the garage was too small. Did you think about it for a  few weeks and finally decide to make an offer and find it went under contract yesterday.

Make sure you have no regrets and that your perfect home doesn’t end up in the hands of another buyer. Don’t end up disappointed because you got cold feet and lost the home you really wanted.

So how do you  get your dream home?

Be Prepared

Be prepared to show how you are going to pay for that home. Talk to a lender first.

You’ll need proof of funds for a cash transaction or a pre-approval letters if you need a mortgage. These will need to be  submitted with your offer. So  getting your financials in order is very important. It may take a day or two to gather your financial information, you’ll basically need 2 moths worth of bank statements and pay stubs or proof of income. You’ll need to get this information to your favorite lender to get a pre-approval letter. (If you need a lender I have a few good ones I can recommend.)

Do you really LOVE it?

Does the home fits your wants and needs. You may love the granite and hardwood, but is it really big enough for your family?

You may have to compromise on a few things, but you’ll know when it’s a good fit. It is rare that a home will be perfect, but if most of the important features are there, you may be te right on for you.

Write it up!

If you think it’s a great deal there is a very good chance, someone else will too.

Right now there is a lack of inventory of homes in many markets across the country, your dream home might very popular right now. This can lead to  a bidding war, where several buyers are competing for the same home (I just heard of one Bellingham home that had 9 offers.)

Ig you want to compete know what you want,  do your research, figure out  how much you’re able to spend and get the help of a real estate expert to guide you through the process of buying a  home.

Don’t let another buyer walk away with your beloved!


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