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Do you remember your high school days? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. However, have you reflected on the teachers, the experiences, the traditions of your high school? sehome-photo

Well, many of us here in Whatcom county find ourselves back here at some point in our lives. We move away, go to college or find our passion and then it happens.. We come back.

I have done this along with many people I know. With this process, the thought comes through your mind as to where your going to live in Bellingham. Do you choose the area where you went to high school? My answer…yes more often than not.

Living the dream myself where your children are gracing the hallways you once did. I have to say a miriad of emotions transpire. I will never forget the day I sat in the bleachers for my oldest daughters freshman orientation and everything hit me. The smell of the gym, the teachers who have remained(there are about 8 currently),the spirit fo the ASB president,and  the voice on the microphone, not Mr Goodman, but the message the same. Sehome tradition is alive.

Sitting there I started to recall the assemblies, the classes, teachers and little things like the Mariner Mile and Taylor Street stairs as part of your sports introduction. Turning to my freshman and thinking about all the things good and bad that she will experience was overwhelming and exciting.

It is now 4 years later and my freshman is now a senior ready to graduate. Senior culminating project completed, WASL passed and ready to move on the the next step. Looking back at her paticipation on the swim team, wearing the green and gold cheering for her final lap in the pool, her essays, artwork, drama practice,spanish classes and much more! Of course she choose her own way and with that, a cap and gown flowing and a final toss of the cap it’s over.

Some of her friends chose to paricipate in running start a program to recieve early college credits. There is a plus and minus for this I have observed. She wanted to experience high school, the good the bad and the challenging aspects. She said “you only get to experience high school once.” Many times she was sad that her friends missed out on little things and had a disconnect with activities. She was happy with the choice she made.

And so now the tradition continues with her little sister, Marching in the Ski 2 Sea Parade holding up the Sehome Banner as a newly chosen member of the Cheer Squad. With a smile from ear to ear and sporting the Green and Gold I want to say to both my girls I am so proud of all you have accomplished and all that you will be you are truly both amazing individuals.

                                                                          Ski to Sea Parade 2009 

                                                                             Ski to Sea Parade 2009

Go Sehome 110%


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