Ski to Sea Weekend is here

Ski to Sea - X countrySki to Sea Weekend is here

7 sports, relay race, over 90 miles from Mt Baker to Bellingham Ray at the Fairhaven finish line.

This year there will be 500 teams with 4,000 racers.

A team os made up of 8 racers (2 in each canoe) competing in seven legs of the race (Cross Country Ski; Downhill Ski/Snowboard; Running; Road Bike; Canoe; Mountain Bike; Kayak).
The Ski to Sea Race from Mt. Baker to Bellingham Bay began as the Mt. Baker Marathon held from 1911 to 1913. The marathon challenged man and machine in the face of rugged terrain, taking participants over treacherous roads and trails to the top of the mountain and back. Racers had the option of using cars or train to help them get to the point at which they would have to start running up the mountain side.
In 1973 the Mt. Baker Marathon was reborn and took the name, the Ski to Sea Race. The relay, was designed to display the recreational opportunities and the extreme and varied  beauty of Whatcom County. The Race has consistently attracted participants from around the world.

 Lots of events happen each year at this time from Junior Race to car shows to the big party on race day, where it all ends in Fairhaven

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