Why the Lettered Streets Continue to Rock Bellingham’s World

When you walk down A Street, G Street, any of the Lettered streets, and looking for a potential home, what are you thinking?front-of-lettered-street

I’m a New Englander, I’m thinking Providence, RI, Portland, ME, parts of Conneticut, I’m thinking tight home placement, I’m thinking fixer.  Within a half of a mile on all sides, your walk includes neighborhoods as old as Bellingham, priced from” bring your convertible”, to “bring your toolbelt.  And your cousin with a truck”.

woodfloor1Many have in the past, taking some of the homes, (12 on the market today)  that are currently on the market, and turning homes between 1898 and 1940 into the antithesis of recent new construction, by making the best of modest square footage, inside and outside the domicile.  Most aren’t over 1400 square feet, some have updated by adding a half bathroom,  have refinished original wood floors, maybe even replaced the knob-and-tube wiring.

The Lettered Streets are the sand of the coliseum for Bellingham, i.e. this was, is, and always will be working Bellingham.  There isn’t a whole lot of granite counter top, and jetted tub going on here.  But it was close to the water, close to the rail, close to the store fronts, and provides that small town charm that drew the folks who built mansions here.

Between these homes andthe  criteria of clients, I start to rationalize, and think Would I exchange an extra bathroom to have my kids THIS close to the parks here? or Gourmet kitchen or walk to one of the 5 gazillion breakfast places in DT Bellingham this Sunday?  Which are you going to remember when you’re 80?sinkbathroom

Is it worth the extra money?  You decide.  With most of the homes here being between $200-300,000, these are going to be more of the sales we’ll see in Bellingham this year. Check the roof, check the basement, check the fuse box, check the floors, and prioritize.

The small square footage means you’re going to be interacting with those you’re living with.  The postage stamp yard means your kids are going to have to meet other kids.

That could be great for you.  I’d be happy to help you try one on….

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